What our customers say about us

We love that so many people tell us that they enjoyed attending the Datchet Beer Festival and that they had a great time. We also love getting input and ideas on how to make it even better so please get in-touch with your ideas and comments - we value the feedback.


Here are just some of the comments that people said about Datchet Beer Festival over the last few years.

""One of the best local events I've been to, I really look forward to it every year"



"The range of beers is fantastic and each year there's  at least 3 or 4 I've never heard of before, let alone tried"


"Always a great atmosphere and its become a regular entry on my calendar"


"The operators of this festival clearly know their beer, and they  know how to run a great event - my friends and I come every year and have never been disappointed"


"The afternoon session is just perfect...a whole range of beers to try, in a chilled-out and relaxed environment with other real-ale drinkers. It's how every beer festival should be"


"It's just right...a really great atmosphere"


"We always go the Saturday night Beerlovers Evening and by the end of the evening everyone is up dancing and singing and it's just so much fun - a proper laugh and good night!"


"The variety of real-ales is always excellent and cider drinkers have a good selection to choose from too"


"It's easy to get to, a good atmosphere and a better range of beers than any pub you can visit - the only downside is that its just once a year"


"We went to the Friday evening sessionand it was the best wind down from a hectic busy week I've had in ages - the perfect start to my weekend"



"The beer was in great condition and the food choices were very good - a lovely event"


"IMO the Friday night one is the perfect start to to a w/e - gettin my tkts today"



"Its become a regular diary entry for us and our friends - a really fun night out"



"The ticket prices are well below other events and although its a small beer festival the range and quality of the beer was very good indeed - I was very impressed"


"Was my first time this year and I told loads on my friends to join me next time- was really good and much better than I expected"


"t's one of those events you remember because you come away smiling and having had a really good night out"




We'd love to hear your views too, so please let us know what you think about our festival. Whether it's a comment about a past years festival or your thoughts about how you enjoyed this years event, please let us know.


It's only with your feedback that we can continue to make Datchet Beer Festival the type of event that continues to be the success it currently is.


Thank you to everyone who has given us their views.










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