Saturday 28th October 2023

In 2023 you purchase your drink and food at the Festival using Chip-and-PIN/Contactless payment (cash also still accepted).

The second session (first session on Saturday) is called The Connoisseur’s Afternoon and runs from 12pm to 5pm on Saturday 28th October.

You can look forward to an afternoon’s civilised supping - this is a session for those who like to savour the best brews without distraction. Whether on your own or with friends you will meet fellow real ale enthusiasts seeking out a new, previously untried pint, get a chance to compare notes and share tales of your best ever pint!

If you like your ale to be the thing that does the talking then this is the session for you! Apart from a few traditional pub games (participation optional).

The Connoisseur's Afternoon session will be a haven of tranquility and the  perfect place to while away a few hours in the company of like-minded folk.


Beer is one of the world's oldest prepared beverages, possibly dating back to the early Neolithic or 9500 BC.

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Datchet Village Hall,

3 Allen Way,


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