Some fun stuff for you!

So you like a good beer...but just how much do you know (or think you know) about real-ales and brewing?

It's just for fun (no prizes we're afraid!) but we hope you enjoy the challenge! And remember...NO 'Googling'!

Are you a true real-ale connoisseur? Or are you an enthusiastic amateur with lots to learn? Test your knowledge below!

TRUE or False - which of the following are genuine names of real ales?


1) Hoptimus Prime


2) Nasal Assault


3) Stupid Sexy Flanders


4) Shut Thi Gob


5) Badger's Furry Pocket


6) Waxies Dargle


6) Wonkey Donkey


7) Scroffolk's Lung Hardener


8) Moose Drool


9) Albino Squid Assassin


10) F**ing Hell

Answers to the Quiz will be posted shortly before the Thirsty Friday opening session of the 2023 Datchet Beer Festival

Did you know?


Uses for beer you may not know!


Beer can be so much more than just a drink enjoyed with friends. From a cleaning agent to meat tenderizer, find out what this versatile alcoholic beverage can accomplish.



Being slightly acidic, beer works as a great meat tenderiser and does not alter its taste as much as chemical tenderisers do.

Kill slugs

Pour some beer in jars and bury them. Make sure the rims of the jars are level with the soil surface. Slugs have a liking for beer and will be attracted to the alcoholic treat. However, once they take a dip in the jar, there’s no coming back!

Remove beverage stains

Beer is useful in removing coffee or tea stain from a carpet or rug, according to professional carpet cleaners. Simply pour a little over the stain directly and rub lightly. If the stain doesn’t let up in one go, repeat the process a few times.

Restore hair volume

Mix three tablespoons of beer with half a cup of water. Pour the solution through the hair after regular shampoo. Let it sit for few minutes and then rinse. The proteins and vitamin B present in the beer will not only heal the damaged hair and add shine to it, but also prevent dandruff.

Loosen rusty bolts

Pour some beer on rusty bolts and wait a few minutes. The acidic properties in the beer can break up the rust.

Polish gold jewellery

Carbonic acid present in beer has the ability to dissolve oil and dirt stuck on jewellery. Instead of using an expensive cleaner, soak a cloth in light or medium beer and clean the jewellery with it.

Cook rice in beer

Try cooking fragrant rice varieties like Basmati or jasmine in beer. The end result will be nice, fluffy and flavoursome.

Polish wooden furniture

Stale beer may not taste good but it works well as a cleansing and shining agent. Beer's slight foaminess helps loosen the dust, while the malt in the drink enhances the wood’s hue. Moreover, the alcohol content boosts the shine of the furniture. Simply dampen a microfibre cloth with beer, gently rub it on the wooden furniture and then buff dry with a clean cloth.

Open clams/mussels faster

Ditch the knife and try this easy and quick method. Boil clams or mussels in a pot with equal amounts of water and beer until the shells open. This will also add an amazing flavour to the molluscs.

Get rid of brown spots in the garden

According to professional gardeners, beer can help fix brown spots in your lawn. Just pour some on the affected areas. The acids in the beverage will kill fungus and the fermented sugars will stimulate plant growth.

Attract butterflies to your garden

Mix a little stale beer with mashed, overripe banana and spread it on tree trunks, plants or rocks. It will attract the pretty insects in no time.

Clean copper utensils

In case your copper utensils have lost their shine, soak them in beer for some time or rub with a cloth dipped in the beverage. The acidic properties in beer will remove the stains and grime.


Mix stale beer in a basin full of warm water and soak your feet in the solution. The yeast in beer helps in softening the tough skin on the soles, giving you softer feet.

Keeps mosquitoes and flies away

Are you finding it difficult to keep flies away from your garden? Keep some flat and stale beer in a bucket and place it in the corner of your backyard. This will draw the bugs toward that corner, away from the main garden. For this to work, the beer must be stale and dark in colour.

Make your taps shine

Beer can revive the shine of your dull bathroom taps and handles. Just tie a plastic bag filled with flat beer around the tap for a few hours. Upon removal, witness how your taps sparkle.

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