So you like a good pint...but just how much do you know (or think you know) about real-ales and brewing.

Once again it's just for fun (no prizes we're afraid!) but we hope you enjoy the challenge! And remember...NO 'Googling'!

Are you a true real-ale connoisseur? Or are you an enthusiastic amateur with lots to learn? Test your knowledge below!

How well do you know your local beers?

Test yourself in our fun quiz... we've blanked out the names on these labels below - but do you know the names?


Can you match these real-ale and cider names to the right pump clips?


Amber * Walrus * Bastard Bunny Strikes Back * Black Beauty Porter * Blackberry Cider * Stout  Magnificent Mild * Knight of the Garter * Little Wind * Side Pocket for a Toad * Victory * Horsell Hooker * Flanker * Seadog * Black Flight * Brickworks Bitter * Swan * Mutiny *  Twyford Tipple Bitter *  Conqueror * Hoppit Bitter *


Answers to the 2017 Quiz will be posted shortly before the Thirsty Friday opening session of the 2017 Datchet Beer Festival

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